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4-way Splitter

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 96.8% Customer Satisfaction

Solar 4-way splitter.
Standard cable: 10AWG, Photovoltaic type, 90 deg. C.
Customer can specify cable type, cable length and connectors.

 Since 1978 we have supplied cable assemblies, leads and harnesses to many of the Fortune 2000 companies and they keep coming back for more. Why? Here are the reasons:

 We are engineering professionals who understand the customer’s product application and the technical performance required – e.g. Microwave, Telecom, Audio, Medical, Aerospace, Test & Measurement, Solar or Power Transmission technologies. We offer full service, turnkey solutions.

 We have the best equipment money can buy for wire processing operated by skilled operators and the quality control and test equipment from Vector Analyzers to Automated Computer test devices that permit 100% inspection of each single assembly before shipping.

 We design and build custom connectors, switches, potentiometers, encoders, and microwave antennas to meet customer’s needs.

 We produce & design drawings, 3D models, rapid prototypes, and preproduction units to permit our customers to confirm form, fit and function.

 Finally, we design and build the tooling required to produce over-molded cables with our molding machines.

 We offer comprehensive solutions and partner with customer engineers to find the best solution for their product the old fashioned way. Talk to us if you would like us to build the entire device or kit for you. We do that for several customers, including the US Navy. Maybe we can help make your life a little easier.

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